Our Education Approach

Students in our school are considered as individuals; not as a whole or a class. Planning is needs- based and is done after determining student needs and differences. It is aimed to act as a guide to help the students explore their personalities, abilities and point of interests which make them unique.

Our academic program is based on Understanding by Design- UbD, which is a unit planning and programming approach. This program represents a way of thinking related to education and assessment and evaluation and it combines many ideas and processes which are tested by both research and practice in class.

The most important feature separating Education by Design from traditional education practices is that it emphasizes backward planning. Instead of starting the planning process with activities, materials and course content, it focuses on what the individual should know, understand and perform. This mindset constitutes a focus point for all the academic program, and the planning of assessment and evaluation.

Another point in which understanding by design is different from the traditional ways of going about the academic program is that, it emphasizes that what students know, understand and do, should be prioritized. Instead of considering all information as equal, this way of thinking suggests that while some information is fundamental and enduring, some is important to know and some is only worth being familiar with. Making this distinction provides us to clearly determine the way that we should follow when we make our plans.

Research done regarding brain and learning, shows that teaching the subjects connected to each other by integrating them, ensures that understanding will be more permanent. For this reason, in ITA Schools, topics are studied in a circular structure from kindergarten to 8th grade. In these education environments, which are specially designed to constitute a permanent understanding, we ensure that our children develop life skills, learn by exploring and experience a new knowledge every day. 



As required by its vision, the object of ITA Schools is to ensure that its education approach will accompany its students not only during the first years of education but also throughout their lives. A two phased project preparation is prepared to ensure that students continue their habits of language education and learning.

High school: ITA Schools plan to open a high school after the first 8th grade students graduate from the elementary school. Thus, as the high school will be active in 2017-2018 academic year. We have already started our administrative preparations as well as our research for a new campus, which once again will be a location with architectural values in Istanbul. Upon opening the high school, our students who graduate from ITA Elementary School will have the opportunity to further their understanding of language and education with the same ITA Schools standards, without having to take any exams, should they prefer to enroll in ITA High School.

University: ITA Schools, which aim to raise world citizens who are open to international interaction, who think genuine and free, agree that having the opportunity of education and life experience abroad signifies importance for the maturation of an individual within this vision. For this purpose, after the study managed together with the family under the leadership of psychological counseling and guidance service in the traditional process of university preparation, it provides a guidance service to the student related to branches and universities in Italy. During these meetings, interest and skill areas of the student are determined accordingly and the location is selected in conformity with city, university and quota report, which will be specially prepared for the student by Student Consulting Unit (SCU) located in Milan and Perugia. In addition, in the event that the student prefers to study abroad, all services such as entrance to language examination of the related university, residence, health and safety systems, are provided by SCU.