Guidance And Counseling


As our basic principle, we believe that every individual has the motivation to realize their natural potential. In that respect, instead of trying to have the qualities of someone that they’re not, our students should become aware of their own qualities, skills, and talents to realize their true potential.

For this reason, we pay attention to evaluating our students by looking at the total sum of their qualities instead of just knowing them by their specific qualities. Therefore, we believe in the necessity of knowing the family because as a part of the whole and to support the development of our students by collaborating with their parents.

Our Guidance and Counseling Department conducts studies which are in accordance with the preventive guidance service and which support the personality development. To that end, by knowing all of our students, we follow their development within their social and emotional learning environment and support developing positive attitudes for learning.

Getting To Know the Students and Follow-up Studies

We do evaluations towards the students’ basic learning skills, social-emotional development as well as interests and skills within a holistic approach. For this purpose, we not only do individual studies, but we also try to take part in their school life as much as possible to get to know them better.

Life Skills

Our students explore themselves and the world within a learning environment that adopts an active and holistic educational approach and therefore satisfy their curiosity for learning by having fun. For this purpose, there are life skill achievements for our students in our curriculum which support their personal development. Our students are able to interpret themselves and their environment better by knowing their own needs, gaining the power to express them, and learning to take the responsibility of their behavior.

How We Work With Families

While we conduct studies with the students, teachers and parents within our preventive guidance approach, we pay attention to making parent-teacher collaboration stronger and to adopting a similar educational approach. In that respect, in addition to the individual meetings we have with our parents as part of our counseling service, we carry out various activities and work with them throughout the year.

Parent - Oriented Works

As the Guidance and Counseling department, we provide guidance to the parents based on the requirements of our students and their families. Our services include holding individual meetings with the parents, conducting seminars for parent groups and organizing conferences with guest speakers who are specialists in their areas. By determining the needs of our students and providing guidance suitable for our families in matters such as making arrangements in the house environment, which are parallel to our school system and philosophy, we hope to improve parenting attitude. The activities we organize such as seminars and conferences, which address the current topics in psychology, also serve to broaden our parents’ perspective of their child’s development.