About Us

About Us

ITA Schools, which started education in 2014-2015 academic year, is an educational institution that combines a rich educational heritage with innovative approaches required by modern life.

Basic vision of ITA Schools is to raise world citizens who believe in themselves, know how to reach information, and are creative, solution-oriented and respectful to differences and human rights. In other words, as ITA Schools, we aim to raise individuals who can express themselves without hesitation, who are open to different cultures and experiences, who can perform scientific studies and who have a full command of more than one language. With this vision, we have taken the road to contribute to raising our students as individuals who express themselves not only by exams, but also with their qualifications, ideas and experiences.

Moreover, as ITA Schools, we are aware of the positive effects of play-based learning on education and cognitive development of the child. Many researches emphasize the powerful connection between creative games and language learning, as well as meaningful play and physical, mental and social development of a child. Play is the healthiest and most important part of the childhood period as it provides an opportunity for the child to learn by experimenting.

Play-based activities, not only ensure us to give information to our students, but also to give them the opportunity to experiment the skills which will shape their daily lives and social relationships such as creativity, abstract thinking, problem solving, cooperation, sharing and awaiting their turn. Thus, our education system has been designed around the principle of ‘Meaningful Play’ in every stage of childhood, not only during pre-school period.

In ITA Schools, an environment, in which the student is active and the teacher is a guide, is formed. Almost all of the activities are planned in a way to provide an opportunity for the children to adapt and apply their knowledge to real life.