In line with the general objects and principles of the curriculum of Ministry of National Education, ITA Schools aim to raise happy students who have the basic knowledge and skills, who believe in themselves, do research, question, take responsibility, and think critically as well as individuals who are curious, solution-oriented, and respectful to human rights and differences. In this regard, schedule is organized by considering the differences of each individual.

Our academic program is based on Understanding by Design-UbD, which is a unit planning and programming approach. This approach consists of three stages. In the first stage, goals of the unit are determined and the enduring understandings, knowledge and skills are planned. In the second stage, assessment and measurement tools and methods are determined and in the last stage, goal-oriented learning activities are designed. Instead of starting the planning process through activities, materials and class content, this programming approach enables the teacher to focus on what the child should know, understand and do at the end of their learning process.

Education in our school is carried out by Turkish and foreign teachers. Italian and English language lessons enable our students to communicate using a language other than Turkish. Moreover, our students are raised as world citizens, who are open to international communication by using Italian and English confidently, and who think genuine and free.