Language Education

In our school, education is provided in both Italian and English languages. In addition to our regular academic program, which goes hand in hand with the Turkish Ministry of Education, we provide our students with 10 hours of Italian and 8 hours of English classes.


Language education in Italian and English is provided by teachers who are specialists in their own areas. Studies constituted for the aims of themes planned to be approached all year around, are handled simultaneously in Turkish, Italian and English. This way, students are able to explain any meaning, which they already know in Turkish, also in Italian and English. Different language education programs are prepared for each level and activities are done based on the dynamic of each class.

At the beginning, students start to learn the new language through games (play based learning). The first skills expected from the children at that point are listening and speaking. Play based activities are followed by pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-calculation activities. At the end of their learning period, students become competent in all areas of the target language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.