Our Polonezköy Trip / A Lovely Day at Polonezköy

Our students had a very pleasant and enlightening experience in Polonezköy nature park. This tutorial tour, which is a part of the Italian lab program, was about the Spring and Easter activities. The "Country Club Polonezköy" tour was a unique journey to see the transformation of plants, flowers and animals in nature. The children found the opportunity to experience important moments of springtime and the Easter holiday. All of our students were inspired by nature while painting their eggs like "Budding artists". They tried different coloring techniques on both real and foam eggs. We were lucky to have a sunny sky with the smells of flowers and wild plants and the children were very happy to see the animals such as birds, monkeys, snakes, rabbits and horses in the park closely. We had a joyful lunch accompanied by the smell of freshly baked bread and the rabbits running around the tables. On this wonderful spring day we all enjoyed every moment we spent together in nature.