Desert in school: " We eat as we speak!", October 2016 Pannacotta!

Desert in school: " We eat as we speak!", October 2016 Pannacotta!!

During the 16th Italian week, between 17th and 24th of October, we organized a panna cotta workshop for students from all grades. Before we started this adventure, we did a variety of activities in the classroom to help students learn the vocabulary they used to make panna cotta.

First we watched a video about how to make panna cotta then the students cut out the pictures of the materials and pasted them on a cardboard matching their names in Italian.

While in the kitchen, children participated in the preparation of panna cotta actively by repeating the names and actions of the materials used in the panna cotta as they poured the mixture into the small bowls.

The excitement of the children in a bowl of cream and sugar made us very happy. They all tasted the ingredients with vanilla and decorative cream with their impressive odor in turns.

The sweetest part of this dessert-making experience was the tasting of panna cotta with the kids as the afternoon snack the next day.

Bon apetite!