Little Explorers at Koç Museum

Our Polonezköy Trip / A Lovely Day at Polonezköy

Our 4th and 5th grade students became small explorers on our Rahmi Koç Museum tour under the theme of "Technological Development from the Past to our Day".

They found the technological products that they were asked in the museum and tried to guess their areas of use. In our post-trip lessons, they learned the working principles of these technological products and they had the opportunity to compare them with today's technology.

Our 7th grade students realized that mathematics is a part of our everyday life through the "Colorful Mathematics Workshop" and improved their mathematical thinking skills and they learned the ideas of "problem solving in different ways through free thinking".

In this mathematics and architecture correlated workshop students had the opportunity to learn and play through games and experiments such as, eye illusion, sound, probability, pattern, speed-motion, bridge building, mirror, puzzles and soap bubble.