Belgrade Educatiponal Trip: Fall

Belgrade Educatiponal Trip: Fall

We went to the Belgrade forest on November 9 to admire the beauties of nature in the autumn.

In this beautiful educational trip that the whole school participated in, we had the chance to closely examine the changes taking place in nature in this time of the year.

Students were prepared to this trip by developing ideas in Italian lessons and art laboratories. The theme of "Changing Nature" will be followed up in all classes in order to make the trip be linguistically and culturally enduring. The colors, the trees, the leaves, the forest fruits, the birds have been the subject of technical hints and vocabulary activities. Leaves of different colors collected during the walk on the forest road will be used in Italian classes and art laboratories for Christmas and New Year's work.

The light rainy autumn atmosphere gave us moments that we could freely walk in nature. Our students wandered freely among the trees, played group games and enjoyed themselves. We strolled the Ataturk Arboretum, a flora paradise and learned the unique beauty of this place with the help of our teachers. Students were enchanted while watching the plant's color tones. Many protected and unique plant species attracted the attention of students. The students took many photographs that they would be using in their educational activities at school.

From this wonderful trip, we brought the materials we collected from the forest and the wonderful photographs of the nature show of the autumn to our school. We are sure that children will talk about the features of this season for a few days.